>Gluten Free Products (Discounts!)

This page contains lists of Gluten Free Products and services that I have personally tried and find helpful in my every day life!

I have vetted each of these brands/ products and work with them closely to ensure that the products I recommend are safe for people with Celiac Disease and/or extreme gluten sensitivity. I encourage you to try the products below and let me know what you think! Many of these products include discounts or discount codes, so be sure to use the links on this page and the discount codes at check out for some extra savings!

Please note:

While these products have been vetted by me personally for substances containing gluten, I do not have other food related allergies. Thus, I have not checked for other common ingredients such as; eggs, dairy, nuts etc. If you have a sensitivity or allergy outside of gluten I encourage you to contact the providers of these brands to check that they are safe for all of your needs.

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