About The Author


Hey, I’m Sorcha. 

I was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area (Sonoma County to be specific) and married my husband and partner in crime Matthew in December of 2013. After an adventure-filled honeymoon in England/ Scotland, we relocated to Portland Or. 

We lived in Portland OR from 2014 to 2019 where we worked full time in the insurance and financial services industry. I was actually a scheduling analyst for Liberty Mutual where I specialized in process optimization and creation for the national commercial claims department.  (betcha didn’t see that coming.)

I started my blog “Sorcha Schleps” as a method of cataloging my travels local and abroad for friends and family.

For a long time, I had this dream of traveling full time for a living, but like many people, I had a mortgage payment, and debt, and bills and couldn’t see a way to do it. 

The blog sort of fell on the back burner but my love of travel never did.  I was always planning a trip if I wasn’t on one. I started to become the resource for friends and family on how to get cheap flights, where to go on vacations, and especially where to eat! When friends and family came to town I would play Portland tour guide and loved sharing my city and adventures with others. People would always tell me I should do something with travel for a living, which I usually laughed at, because like, that’s not a real job right?

In January of 2019, our circumstances changed. We sold our house in Portland in hopes of buying a duplex with the idea that by living in one side and renting out the other we would save money so we could prioritize traveling. 

Fortunately, the house sold in 4 days! 

….. Unfortunately, the house we wanted to buy fell through! 

So instead of doing the practical thing and looking for another house, we decided we would just GO FOR IT! Matthew had been dreaming of being a software engineer but would need time off of work to invest in learning how to code, and I needed to have time to hustle and get this blog into ship shape! So we moved back to the Bay area to stay with family and use our home town as our home base. 

I really wanted to find a “Niche” for my writing. ” I played with a few different themes, Jewish travel, femme travel, plus size travel, traveling on a budget, but nothing was really resonating with me. I had good advice but I wasn’t connecting with my writing. 

Then I joined a Celiac Disease Support group. 

You see I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease when I was 19. And with the move and change of lifestyle, I wanted to invest more time in my personal health.

I started to notice people asking or starting discussions around traveling with Celiac Disease and I found myself answering them daily. 

I have been traveling with Celiac Disease for nearly a decade. (Though I will be honest it’s only in the last few years that I have been taking my condition seriously.) 

So I decided that I would focus on Gluten-Free travel and started getting messages and emails from the gluten-free community saying that they were excited about what I was writing. That it was actually HELPING THEM. (Which like for real shocked me, I never thought my experiences would be helpful to others in that way.)

To be completely honest prior to this blog, I never really talked about my Disease. I was embarrassed and afraid of judgment and sometimes just outright frustrated because it’s not always pretty Instagram photos and castle tours.  Some days are harder than others, sometimes I get “glutened” or I can’t eat all day on tour, or I cave and eat something I shouldn’t because I am starving. My goal for this blog is to always be real with my readers and to provide you with helpful resources that help you feel confident and emboldened to travel without limits!

Just because this world is full of gluten doesn’t mean it’s not worth exploring. 

So if nothing ever comes of this blog, but I help ONE person, then I’ll be happy… but I mean also, it’d be cool if this became like a thing. 

So if you are Celiac, or gluten intolerant, or wheat sensitive or just like helpful travel tips, I hope you find resources here. And always feel free to reach out to me! I am more than excited to talk to other passionate or aspiring travelers! 

Happy Shlepping,