Best Brunches for your Buck! My list of Portland Oregon’s best brunch spots!

So I have done a few brunch blogs, I’ve featured a few restaurants, but I’ve never formally done a best brunches blog. And in a city where Brunch is a way of life I feel I’ve sinned in some way. I’ve always tried to emphasize that travel doesn’t need to break the bank. I also have a rule that I don’t like to wait more than 30 ish mins for brunch because Sorcha + no coffee/ food = monster.


Unique: Brunch MUST be something to write home about. There will be no big chains such as I-HOP or Applebees in this post. I like to support local businesses when I brunch.

Affordable: Brunch should be the start of your day, you do not want to go broke before you even get your day going! I believe in affordable travel.

Service: I am a stickler for good customer service. A great food experience can be ruined by a poor customer experience.

Delicious: You should walk away from brunch feeling too full and happy from all the fun you’ve had with your friends.

Note: Some of these places are notorious brunch haunts in Portland others are more off the beaten path. I don’t subscribe to the idea that if others like it it must be good so this list is a mishmash of great yelp finds, serendipitous happenings, and recommendations from friends.

La Petite Provence

Bonjour! Croissant! Omelet! We’ve exhausted all of my French at this point but, La Petite is a transportive experience. I walk in and I am instantly in Paris. Creating decadent French food and baked goods! Average costs of $10-13 per person, superb customer service, combined with a stapled and rotational menu make La Petite a MUST visit when coming to Portland. It has a diverse menu that caters to many dietary restrictions including gluten-free. It is my families favorite place to brunch when they’re in town. I recommend the brûlée oatmeal and the chef’s omelet. Note: their portions are very generous and for a small extra charge you can do “Split” meals on many of their dishes. It’s great for a couple on a budget!

Brulee Oatmeal


I’ve posted about Interurban before so I’ll let that article do most of the describing but even a few months later it’s still a favorite spot of mine. So affordable, so delicious. Running an average of $10-12 per plate it’s a great experience. They open at 10 and I have never had to wait more than 15 minutes for a table.

Gluten-free skillet full of tasty ham, eggs, and potatoes! $11

Tasty N Son’s

I love me a good Shakshuka. Tasty and Son’s is part of a small conglomerate of American New style restaurants. With heavy Mediterranean vibes, they offer family sized shareable portions. Combining the best that the Pacific Northwest has to offer with a distinctively Israeli flare Tasty and Son’s gives a vibe of community, modernism, and style. This is a great place to go with a small group of friends to break bread and have great conversation in between mouthfuls.

you can order this without the bread to make it GF

At the end of the day, there are so many awesome brunch places in this city. I could go on for years but these are my favorites. You’ll find some in big magazines and others you may never hear of unless you’re a local. I am ALWAYS looking for suggestions so if you have any PLEASE share in the comments and I’ll check them out!

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