5 MUST VISIT coffee shops in Portland Or.

When I hear the word coffee my immidiate reaction is a frantic “WHERE!” Followed by ” I don’t have a problem!” My sisters and I share this reaction… What do I do when I don’t have  coffee? I want you to think Lorelei Gilmore from “Gilmore Girls” meets the Incredible Hulk.

So for my sister Dotti’s last week in Portland I, of course, had to take her on a coffee adventure. This was her face when I told her I’d buy her a latte at every coffee shop we went to.

A server at Olympia Provisions once called her an ” impassioned coffee drinker” because he literally could not fill the cups fast enough..

5. Seven Virtues

This coffee shop has a special place in my heart. When Matthew and I first moved to PDX this was the first coffee shop we ever visited. The owner was the first person to actually welcome us to Portland. Seven Virtues roasts their own beans and gives back to the community. It’s got a funky eclectic decor and friendly staff. My personal favorite drink here is their Mocha.

4. Tea Bar

I know what you’re thinking… This is not coffee. And that is correct, but sometimes guys, I don’t want a fully loaded latte in the afternoon. I am getting old and caffeine after like 1 PM keeps me up all night. Plus not everyone likes coffee, do we judge them? A little, but tea drinkers are people too! And Tea Bar is exquisite. With a modern design, a diverse range of curated tea blends and friendly staff tea bar is a must see. They are also a wonderful place to get work done and I enjoy going there to write my blog about 2 times a month! My favorite is their vanilla rose tea with tapioca.

3. Heart

Heart is probably the trendiest coffee shop I’ve ever been to. I often feel I am not cool enough to hang out there. With black and white themed mod decor sporting wooden finishes and the iconic Subway tile backsplash Heart oozes cool. They roast their own beans and if you’re serious about the high-quality coffee heart is more serious. It’s listed as three because it’s kinda far from where I live so I don’t find myself there super often and for whatever reason, their WiFi doesn’t seem to like me. But as an impassioned coffee drinker, I must acknowledge that Heart is on top of its game. If you come to Portland you should visit Heart.

2. Barista

Barista is like if an old school European pub and a Brooklyn barbershop had a baby that was a coffee bar. Its decor is so unique, combining old world warmth with new world design and offering fantastic coffee choices. I LOVE their dark bitter chocolate mocha and bring g out of town friends here frequently to chat and shoot the breeze. The staff is wonderful and the coffee is excellent.

1. Good Coffee

Its name is pretty self-explanatory. Simple, delicious, unassuming, Good Coffee knows what’s up. I come here multiple times a week and love to just sit and do research and write here. My favorite drink is the orange smoked maple latte. If I could attach an IV to my arm and put that drink in it I would.

I’d also like to give an honorable mention to Oracle Coffee Company, where I am publishing this post from today. It’s a Vegan coffee shop and I’m currently drinking the tastiest vegan vanilla latte I’ve ever had in my life!

What and in what city is your favorite coffee shop? What do you love about it!? Any suggestions on where I should visit next in Portland or otherwise? Drop a comment below!

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