Top 5 Gluten Free Friendly Eateries in Portland Under $15 per plate!

For those of us who are glutarded, traveling can be a daunting experience. Finding places you can eat that have Gluten Free options can be a chore. It can really put a damper on one’s adventure to get sick eating out or being forced to eat bland salads and sometimes even going hungry. I have Celiac Disease and have adapted some techniques on how to travel and eat Gluten Free…. more on that later! ( Stay tuned for how to eat gluten free abroad in my multi part series on my upcoming trip to Europe)

One of the great things about Portland is almost all restaurants provide a Gluten Free option or 10. There are almost too many places to choose from especially in the fine dining sphere. But what about the gluten free hustler on a budget? As a service to all those who cannot consume the glory that is real breads, normal cake, or cookies, here’s a list of the best gluten free friendly eateries in Portland that I’ve found that won’t break the budget.

5. Poke Mon

1485 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland, OR 97214
(503) 894-9743

    PokeMon is as fun as it sounds. An affordable and authentic Poke experience that won’t break the bank. The food is good, that atmosphere is cheerful and if you don’t want to go out, Deliverydudes will drop it off at your door! At an average of $11 per person PokeMon is a great option for the Gluten Free Foodie. I have celiac disease and have never had an adverse reaction to their food although it should be noted they are not advertised as a gluten free environment, just have gluten free options.

4. New Cascadia Traditional

1700 SE 6th Ave, Portland, OR 97214
(503) 546-4901

    New Cascadia is an entirely Gluten free bakery. They have a full lunch menu and do a marvelous brunch on the weekends! Located in Southeast Portland Near 6th and Clinton, New Cascadia provides a fully GF friendly environment. And they have the BEST French bread I have ever had and if you’re visiting I highly recommend taking home a loaf, or 10. I bring home GF goodies whenever I go back visit my folks as my sister is also a glutard.

3. Tight Tacos

935 SE Cesar Estrada Chavez Blvd, Portland, OR 97214
(408) 386-0432

    No Portland Food review would be complete without at least 1 cart listed! As a California raised Portland Transplant (Portland natives may insert eye roll here) I sought forever the best tacos money could buy in Portland. It took me two years to find these guys but Tight tacos is aptly named. Serving authentic Mexico style tacos at an average $6 per person they do tacos right. I will say that they do have outdoor seating but honestly it’s not an awesome location, this is more of a pickup and take home place but damn it’s good.

2. Bollywood Theater

3010 SE Division St, Portland, OR 97202
(503) 477-6699


Any good GF foodie knows there are certain types of cuisine which tend to be friendlier to our limited pallets. Indian food is generally a safe and delicious option. But it’s also kiiiinda spendy.  But not the Bollywood Theatre. With two locations in Portland, one in NE on Alberta and one in SE on Division Bollywood theatre offers an amazing counter order style lunch and dinner service with authentic Indian food. An average of $13 per plate their portions are generous and highly sharable. They also have one of the most fun atmospheres around. With a gorgeously lit Patio it’s a great place to spend a summer evening with friends!

1. Ground Breaker Brewery and Gastro pub

2030 SE 7th Ave, Portland, OR 97214
(503) 928-4195

Offering a 100% gluten free environment Groundbreaker is the end all to be all of GF experiences in Portland. Their microbrews are all 100% GF and the beer is awesome (normally I hate GF beer) they offer all the fun tasting flights and options that the other local microbrews offer with an exceptional dinner menu and table service. As someone who can’t normally drink beer I get so excited to come here. Beer and beer tasting is a huge part of Portland. It’s great to be able to enjoy this quintessential Portland experience without fear of feeling ill later or being judged by the waiter for not ordering a drink. At an average of $15 per plate ( there are about 6 items on the menu over $15) for a totally safe food environment Ground Breaker is my #1 go to for GF food in Portland.

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