Borough Market: A foodies delight, A London Tradition for over 1000 years

Whilst researching dad friendly activities to do in London I came across a Pinterest image of Pirogies that made me swoon… I proceeded on a click bait bunny trail to discover that this image was taken at Borough Market. Despite having been to London many times and having lots of friends there I had NEVER heard of Borough Market. 

Borough Market is a truly local Londoner experience and a MUST SEE. Its an amazing place to get lunch in between touring and buy unique and local food items as souvenirs. 

I mean just look at this place!!!

In doing some further research I learned that Burough Market has existed in one form or another for aproximately 1000 years.  It’s success can be attributed to its location. Resting beside the Thames just under the London Bridge in Southwark, which 1000 years ago was a tradesmans town. It was a common crossing point for travelers and traders heading to and from central London. When Southwark became a proper Borough of London in the mid in the 1500’s Borough  Market remained a hub of trade and was purchased by the city of London.  Later the vendors bought it back and made it an independent market . Today Southwark is considered a very hip and trendy neighborhood and is home to some of the cities greatest attractions, the Tate Modern, Globe Theatre and London Aquarium to name a few.  This combined with the growing desire for artisan food and organic locally sourced produce in starting in the 1990’s has caused a resurgence of success for Borough  Market which in the mid 1900’s was adversely effected by the advent of supermarkets and Grocery Chains. 

Borough is much like an open air food mall, with each vendor having their own stall or station. Mons Cheese as pictured below has been in the market for over 50 years. Some Perveyors allege having been there since the start of the market, their trade being passed down generation to generation for hundreds of years. 

My personal favorite part of the Market was the large spice shop called “Spice Mountain”, where I bought so many different types of curry I don’t know that I’ll ever use them all. And I don’t even care, it was SO AWESOME.

Overall I give Burough Market two thumbs up and so does dad. It was a wonderful experience and I look forward to going back next time I go to London. If you’d like a more in depth history of the Market or information on its various vendors you can check out their website, which is where I got the above information.

Have you ever been to an open air market like this? Do you have recommendations on other open air or farmers markets worth checking out other places! Drop a comment below and tell me about it! 

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